What are the most common New Years Resolutions? Save money, get fit, quit smoking? What will be the New Years Resolution of choice for our leading politicians? After 4 years of Coalition politics, and a busy 2014 (euro elections, scottish ref, ukip successes), 2015 will be the most unpredictable General Election for a long time, who […]

It’s been a week since the Scottish Referendum, The Nos won the War, but who will win the Peace? And has anything really changed? Or is it too early to tell? The people of Scotland have spoken. Last Thursday the majority of a huge 85% turnout voted No to Scottish independence. The No campaign convinced […]

Today the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, announced that he would stand as an MP in the 2015 general election. Even though his term as Mayor doesn’t end until 2016, this announcement could be the first step on the road for Boris to become the next Conservative Prime Minister.   It sounds unlikely, ridiculous even, […]

In the wake of the Birmingham schools Islamic takeover ‘Trojan horse’ scandal, education secretary Michael Gove (supported by David Cameron) has decreed that all schools must promote ‘British Values’.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-27777421 Obviously this raises some questions such as: What exactly ARE British values? And: how can they be taught in school? How would Ofsted measure the […]

The last week’s news has been all about Italy and more recently the appointment of Mario Monti in an undemocratic process that ensures that a pro-EU man is head of the country. There’s no doubt that Italy needs some strong guidance but with Super-Mario’s appointment democracy has gone out of the window. This sets yet […]

As if the Greek government could possibly cause any more trouble. On Monday they announced a national referendum on accepting the austerity measures demanded by the EU and and IMF so that the next tranche of bailout money can be paid. This led to the markets taking a nosedive yesterday (Tuesday). The problem, and every […]

Now that the Vickers Report is out the banks seem to be facing some serious changes in the levels of funding they need in their balance sheet and a ring-fencing of retail operations. However, in my view, this whole thing is a PR scam and will change very little long-term. First off: the ring-fencing doesn’t […]

The markets have tumbled again this last week and this should come as no great surprise, the USA is still effectively bankrupt. They’re still borrowing huge amounts just to keep cash flowing but fundamentally the US Govt needs to stop spending and start paying. Fundamentally it’s fairly simple: government finance is, in many way, just […]

A drastic change in the economy calls for businesses to adapt in order to keep afloat, let alone make a profit. Redundancies, reducing overheads; you know the types of things! The great thing is, businesses can keep “open as usual” thanks to bartering. It’s nothing new, in fact, before a monetary value was put to […]

This past week the markets have been in turmoil and have fallen sharply with the FTSE down by 10% over the last week. And in my view that’s a good thing. You see, for too  long now the market has been going up (see chart below), it went from around 4500 in May 2009 to […]