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Now that the Vickers Report is out the banks seem to be facing some serious changes in the levels of funding they need in their balance sheet and a ring-fencing of retail operations. However, in my view, this whole thing is a PR scam and will change very little long-term. First off: the ring-fencing doesn’t […]

A drastic change in the economy calls for businesses to adapt in order to keep afloat, let alone make a profit. Redundancies, reducing overheads; you know the types of things! The great thing is, businesses can keep “open as usual” thanks to bartering. It’s nothing new, in fact, before a monetary value was put to […]

This past week the markets have been in turmoil and have fallen sharply with the FTSE down by 10% over the last week. And in my view that’s a good thing. You see, for too  long now the market has been going up (see chart below), it went from around 4500 in May 2009 to […]

The 168 year history of British Sunday newspaper “The News of the World” comes to and end with its last edition tomorrow. It will be a big souvenir tribute to a long history, with no adverts, and all procedes will go to charity. The front page headline is “Thank You and Goodbye”. And if you buy it, […]

Well George Osborne said they were going to be ‘robust’ in dealing with the banks to try and prevent them from reckless speculative investing and unacceptable risk. So, what has he done? Basically, very little of any substance. They set up Project Merlin to get banks lending (particularly to small businesses) but it hasn’t really […]

Let’s be honest, almost all of us have shopped at Tesco at some point in the recent past. Often because they have low prices (and they do) or because it’s your nearest (or most convenient) superstore. However, some local authorities seem to be in love with Tesco so much (and Leicester City appears to be […]

It’s been around 3 years since the credit crunch kicked off and the business community has been given nearly no headlines since that time. Yes, the bankers have had all the press (mostly negative) but what about the people running small businesses across the country and how they’ve been affected by all of this? Well […]

At the beginning of this year the UK government increased VAT (sales tax) in an effort to bolster the UK’s dire balance sheet. However I think that a different approach would have been better by taxing consumer borrowing. Let me explain how this might work: At present UK consumer debt stands at over 1.4 trillion […]